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7 Home Remedies To Stop Hair Fall And Regrow Your Tresses

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New Delhi: When you see your precious tresses all over the floor and on your comb, don’t your heart just break into pieces? Every day the same routine continues and this increases the stress and anxiety of an individual. Hair fall is a serious problem and it needs a proper diagnosis to figure out the cause and work towards a cure for it. The good thing is that hair fall can be controlled using natural home remedies that are safe and effective. Here are seven home remedies to stop hair fall and prevent hair loss:

Egg mask

Eggs have very high selenium, sulphur, zinc, phosphorous, iodine, zinc and protein content, which helps in promoting hair growth. Pour an egg white into a bowl and add a teaspoon of olive oil and honey to the mixture. Beat well and apply it all over the hair from roots to the tips. Keep it till it dries, then wash it off with a mild shampoo.

Licorice root

This is very effective in preventing hair loss and further damage to the hair. It soothes the scalp and also gets rid of any dandruff. Make a paste by adding a tablespoon of ground licorice and a quarter teaspoon saffron to a cup of milk. Apply this to the scalp and leave it on overnight. Wash your hair the next morning. For best results, repeat this two times a week.

Coconut milk

This has got essential fats and protein which is very good for hair regrowth and also prevents hair loss. Grate a coconut and simmer it in a pan for five minutes. Strain and let it cool. Add one tablespoon of crushed black pepper and fenugreek seeds to the milk. Apply this mixture to your scalp and hair. Keep it for 20 minutes, and then rinse it off using a mild shampoo.

Yogurt and honey

Make a mixture of 2 tablsepoons of yogurt with one tablespoon of honey and lemon. Apply this concoction on your scalp and roots. Leave it on for 30 minutes, then rinse it off with cold water. You can apply this paste once a week.


This is a very effective remedy to stop hair fall immediately. Vitamin C deficiency is a probable cause of hair fall. Since amla is rich in Vitamin C, this will provide strength to the hair follicles, thereby letting you control your hair fall. The anti-inflammatory and exfoliator properties of amla make it an excellent agent to promote hair growth, maintain a healthy scalp and also prevent premature greying.

Mix lime juice with the mala powder to make a paste. Apply this on to your scalp and hair. Keep this for an hour and rinse it off with normal water.

Green tea

Its high antioxidant properties make it an excellent agent to promote hair growth and also prevent hair loss. Soak two-three teabags in one-two cups of hot water depending on your hair length. Let the water cool and pour this over your hair and scalp. Keep massaging your head gently throughout the process. Rinse with cold water after an hour.

Beetroot juice

It contains a bagful of vitamins and minerals – such as B6, C, magnesium, folate, betanine, and potassium. All of these constituents work to create healthy hair. It also acts as a very good detoxifying agent and keeps the scalp completely clean.

Just boil 7-8 beetroots and grind them along with 5-6 henna leaves. Apply the paste on your scalp and leave it on for 15-20 minutes before rinsing it off with warm water.

With these simple easy-to-prepare home remedies, hair fall will not be a problem and you can also grow your hair naturally.

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