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Chants Of ‘Om Rom Jum Sah’ Can Boost Agricultural Yield, Goa Farmers Are Being Told

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New Delhi: A Vedic technique involving chanting of ‘Om rom jum sahcan help farmers get better yields. The ancient technique has received a backing from Goa Agriculture Minister Vijay Sardesai, who reportedly inaugurated a project- titled Shiv Yog Cosmic Farming,  near his residence Fatorda, Goa. Designed by one Dr Avadhoot Shivanand, a chemical engineer-turned-godman who runs one Shiv Yog Foundation in Gurugram will ‘channel shakti into the soil’, the founders believe.

According to a report in The Indian Express, Sardesai’s wife Usha is a follower of the foundation. “There is no money involved and, as an agriculture minister, I will explore every method to increase interest in farming. If you convince me a rock show or a beauty contest will also help get people excited about agriculture, I will pull it in the middle of the fields. We need to now look into methods to get everyone interested in farming,” Sardesai was quoted as saying by The Indian Express.

According to the report, Goan farmers have been receiving videos on Whatsapp, showing farmers meditating with Shivanand and describing the positive effect the meditation has had on their crop. The videos depict Shivanand telling the farmers that the chanting taps the cosmic power through the third eye similar to that of Lord Shiva and helps destroy negative energies around the fields.

“I was also a skeptic but after meeting Babaji and reading his studies I am also convinced. The general thrust is to focus the energy into the soil, be less dependent on fertilisers. I don’t think we (Goa government) personally need to study as Central Government has listed it in their programme. They must have studied all that, no? Besides Babaji has his firm spread across the globe. He preaches all this abroad,” the report quoted him as saying further.

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