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Have Begun To Fear Now As Girls Have Started Drinking Bear, Says Goa Chief Minister Manohar Parrikar

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Panaji: In what can be construed as a sexist comment, Goa chief minister Manohar Parrikar recently expressed his concern over girls consuming alcohol which indicated that a “tolerance level was being crossed.” The chief minister made this comment while addressing a gathering of young students at the Goa Secretariat.

Addressing the first edition of the State Youth Parliament, Parrikar touched upon a range of subjects, including drugs, porn and alcohol consumption among the youngsters. The chief minister recalled an anecdote from his time as a student at IIT-Mumbai and said that drugs were not a new phenomenon, as he was aware of “a small group which was involved in ganja” on the campus years ago. He also emphasized on how his directive on August 13 last year resulted in the arrests of more than 170 people for peddling drugs.

He then added, “I have begun to fear now, because even the girls have started drinking beer. So barrier of that tolerance limit is being crossed.” He further pointed out that he was not referring to anyone sitting in the crowd at the event. “Not all of them. I am not referring to this crowd. I am just referring,” he said.

During the course of his lecture, Parrikar also recounted the story of a group of students in his school days who would laugh at photographs which were pornographic in nature. He said, “ I do not have to say what kind of photos they were. They used to get all kinds of porn material and they used to laugh

Earlier, talking about the narcotics trade in Goa, he said a crackdown on the drug network in the state has been going on and this will continue till drugs are out of sight.

“I have no belief that it will come down to zero. I personally do not believe that there is much proliferation (of drugs) in colleges,” he said.

After he directed the police to take strict action against the drug trade, he said, 170 people were arrested for drug peddling.

“As per the law, if there is a small quantity of drugs, a person gets bail in eight to 15 days or a month. Our courts have also become lenient, but at least the guilty are caught,” he said.

Speaking about unemployment, Mr Parrikar said the youth in Goa are shying away from hard work. A long queue was seen for the lower division clerk’s job in the government department “because they do not want to work hard”. People think that a government job means no work, he said.

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