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In New Study, Women Believe They Are Far Less Intelligent Than Men

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Even though women have been excelling in every field and working with men in equal capacity, a new research has concluded that self-doubt is still one of their main problems, and many believe that they are far less intelligent than men, even though that might not be true. For the study, some psychologists in the US asked a group of 250 university students to rate their abilities compared to their classmates, and they found out that gender plays an important role when it came to the perception of personal intelligence. Most men, who were part of the research considered themselves more intelligent. However, it was found that women were more likely to underestimate their own intelligence.

“I would ask students about how their classes were going and I noticed a trend. Over and over again, women would tell me that they were afraid that other students thought that they were stupid. I never heard this from the men in those same biology classes, so I wanted to study it,” The Telegraph UK quoted Katelyn Cooper, a doctoral student in the Arizona State University (ASU) School of Life Sciences, and lead author of the study, as saying.

The study concluded that male students considered themselves cleverer than around 66 per cent of the class, while female students thought they were smarter than 54 per cent of the class. “This is not an easy problem to fix. It’s a mindset that has likely been ingrained in female students since they began their academic journeys,” added Cooper.
The research was published in the journal Advances in Physiology Education.

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