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Railways Offers Scheme To Upgrade Sleeper Class Ticket To 3AC For Free. All You Need To Know

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New Delhi: Indian Railways with a view to optimise the utilisation of available accommodation in a train, has a scheme, which allows upgrading full-fare paying passengers to the higher class without any extra charge against the available vacant accommodation in Mail and express trains having sleeping accommodation. This facility not only benefits the waitlisted passengers but also benefits railways by filling up the vacant accommodation in various trains. Here is all you need to know about railways’ auto upgradation scheme.

1) Upgradation of passengers are done in one class above only for example from sleeper to 3AC, 3AC to 2AC and 2AC to 1AC, IRCTC said on its website.

2) In order to avail the scheme, passengers are required to give the option for being considered for upgradation. The option is available while booking ticket online on the IRCTC website. If no option is given at the time of filling up of requisition form, the same is treated as “yes” and passengers can be considered for upgradation.

3) The passengers for upgradation are selected automatically (except in cases where the passenger has shown his unwillingness to be upgraded) on a random basis by the system at the time of preparation of reservation charts.

4) Under this scheme, all the passengers on a single ticket are upgraded together.

5) Upgradation is not available for block booking transactions.

6) If a passenger, who has been upgraded, cancels his ticket, cancellation charges of the original class are payable. Railways has advised to “avail the facility” and always “check the status of ticket before boarding the train”.

7) Tickets booked under senior citizen category and other concession ticket/free passes holders are not upgraded, IRCTC said on its website.

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